Tutorial Connection Guide

How to download your staking wallet

  1. Download links
  2. The daedalus wallet is available here at the Cardano official website:


    Once the wallet has downloaded, make sure to run the application.

    When you open for the first time, accept the default settings or change your preferences to complete the initial setup and click ‘Continue’.

    After this, you need to review and accept the Terms of Service Agreement. Read the service agreement text, and if you have no issues with the outlined requirements tick the ‘agree with terms of service’ box and click ‘Continue’.

  1. Creating a new rewards wallet
  2. Press the create button, Name your wallet, set a spending password, and click ‘Create a wallet’.

    Make sure to read the information on the recovery phrase. On the next screen you are presented with the recovery phase that gives you access and control to your wallet. It is vital that you remember this phrase so make sure to store it somewhere safe, preferably offline like a piece of paper.

    Make sure to follow the recovery phrase setup including verifying your phrase and accepting the terms.

    After this, a new wallet will have been created and is accessible with the navigation panel to the left. Proceed to step 4.

  1. Restoring an existing wallet
  2. In the main navigation area, select “restore” and follow the steps:

    Enter a wallet name.

    Keep the default selection of ‘12 words’ if you are restoring a Daedalus mainnet wallet.

    Enter your 12-word wallet recovery phrase.

    Set a spending password.

    Click ‘Restore wallet’.

    The wallet should now configure and be visible on the navigation panel on the left.

  1. Depositing funds
  2. Select the wallet you have either just created or restored on the left navigation panel. Across the top of your wallet, you have this set of actions.

    Select the receive option. You’ll then be presented with a list of addresses. You can select any of these to use and funds will arrive within the wallet.

    Copy the address and insert as the destination from the place your coins are currently held.

    Now, your Daedulus wallet is set up. Enjoy using it!