About Us

Stakemate prides itself on delivering the best quality staking service to our clients. Our robust node infrastructure is distributed globally and ensures our service achieves 100% uptime with low network latency.

Our Cardano Pledge

Stakemate is fully committed to supporting the Cardano blockchain and its community. As a way of showing our commitment, we have pledged 500,001 ADA to our pool, ensuring our Clients rewards are one of the most competitive in the blockchain sphere.

Why Choose StakeMate?

100% Uptime

Our initiative global node solution ensures we are there to support the network and our customers.

100% Uptime

Our staking solution is robustly built to include multiple failsafe controls and alert systems to ensure our service runs smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

High rewards

Designed to ensure the best client experience and rewards.

High rewards

Our 500k ADA pledge, low fees and dynamic global infrastructure ensures we are best in class, delivering the best possible service and returns for our clients.

Best in class

Proud leaders in blockchain staking technology and best practice

Best in class

Our highly skilled team of subject matter experts and robust infrastructure design gives our clients peace of mind that we are working for them, even when they sleep.

How to stake with Stakemate

Ticker: SMATE

Pool ID:
  • Fixed Fee per Epoch: 340 ADA (The lowest possible!)
  • Variable fee: Only 1% of rewards!
  • Pledge: 500,001 ADA

Our Team

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Stakemate excel at what we do. Stakemate is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently the highest service for our clients.

award-winning team comprises of blockchain and server/staking IT specialists, as well as subject matter experts within the Finance and Blockchain industry

Our Service Infrastructure

Our Service infrastructure

Our globally distributed solution, monitoring and mitigation infrastructure, coupled with our depth of experience in development operations and network management makes Stakemate a great choice for our clients.

Multi-region server hosting

We diversify our supporting servers across continents to protect our operations from regional outages and regulations.

We currently operate servers in Frankfurt, Chicago, San Francisco and Singapore.

Alerts & Monitoring

Our distributed architecture is complemented by our best in class alerts solution which ensures we are always connected and about to provide staking rewards to our users.

StakeMate uses high tier cloud servers with a range of protections and mitigation techniques in case of outages. Our team has a depth of experience in devops and network management which has proven hugely valuable in maintaining our 100% uptime record.